A Modern Approach to Digital Marketing and Channel Activation
with Instructor: Jeff Zannella
November 2nd

In this class, we will examine best in class digital marketing approaches that enable brands to plan, manage, and optimize all aspects of their customers’ online media experiences. Taking into account the consumer journey, we will explore the best practices in digital tactics and marketing communications that influence consumers at key online touchpoints and look at key attribution methodologies that help determine success. We will also explore innovations such as AI and how that technology will impact the future of media and digital marketing.

Outcomes will include:

  • Learning how to achieve marketing objectives by utilizing digital technologies
  • Understanding how to develop a digital strategy and key tactics available today to consider
  • Learn how to approach the various types of digital communications that generate opportunities for Brands to reach, engage, and convert their audiences
  • How best to measure results in order to gauge effectiveness and optimize towards success (last click/view vs multi touch attribution models)
  • How AI can be utilized today to help augment human involvement and create overall efficiencies through automation while examining its future impact on the industry

About the Instructor

  • Jeff Zannella

With over two decades of unparalleled expertise in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and advertising, Jeff Zannella is a leader who has developed innovative strategies and award winning work on behalf of clients such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Reebok, Fireball Whisky, Bank of America, and John Deere. Venturing into the digital marketing landscape during its early days, he has embraced the practice with an innate drive to remain ahead of the curve. As a result, he has consistently positioned himself at the intersection of every transformative moment that has helped to shape the industry to what it is today. In addition to his passion for family and marketing, he also enjoys cooking and photography.