Practical, real life strategies for creating, continuing and fixing relationships in business
with Instructor: Barb Reilly
November 8th & 15th or 16th

“100% of all relationships experience some type of bump and turbulence. Only about 1/2 of them ever really get fixed. That’s ironic, since business health, team morale, and the product you produce are all tied to having strong, positive relationships. I always wondered why more people don’t put more effort into this area.” Barb Reilly

This 2-part course focuses on how to address any relationship - a relationship you don’t have but want to create, one you want to maintain and one experiencing turbulence. It provides real life stories and outlines strategies to building, continuing and fixing relationships that are key to many components of business success.

Who should attend

This class is for anyone who deals with people in their business environment and seeks to have a strong relationship for better outcomes. The content applicable to senior, middle and junior employees in agencies and in corporations.

The first session will include all attendees. It will dig into to real life examples with an industry panel, both good and bad - outlining some of the challenges these respected leaders have encountered along the way and how they’ve overcome them.

The second session will include breakouts that group people by # of years in business so the content is the most relevant for each group, max 8-12 people per group. This session will focus on solving relationship challenges. Participants are asked to bring 1 current relationship situation they are currently experiencing (unnamed and confidential). Each attendee will get the opportunity to workshop their situation and walk away with real strategies to apply immediately.

About the Instructor

  • Barb Reilly

Barb has worked in the marketing industry for many years- in media and creative agencies and on the client side. She’s worked on large Fortune 100 businesses, mid-sized companies and start ups - bringing a unique perspective to all aspects of a business relationship. Barb has been called a “relationship whisperer” by a former CEO at one of the companies she worked at. She is currently a Fractional CMO, and heading up The Ad Club as Fractional President. She is also a former guest instructor at Babson College and The Ad Club.