Confidence Class For Women
with Instructor: Denise Rosenblum
October 12th

This class is to help women focus on building their confidence and communicating a stronger version of themselves.

The Confidence Formula will teach women strategies to speak up and say what they really mean, project confidence without being seen as pushy, and stay true to one’s authentic values.

President of Dynamic Development, Denise Rosenblum, coaches women to communicate with confidence, demonstrate self-compassion, and be seen as effective leaders.

About the Instructor

  • Denise Rosenblum

    President and Founder, Dynamic Development

Denise Rosenblum is the President and Founder of Dynamic Development, a training company that specializes in developing employees to become stronger communicators, managers and leaders. Denise works with companies to create an environment where employees feel valued as a result of career development, training, feedback and coaching.

Denise has over 25 years of professional development and marketing experience having worked at global companies including McCann Erickson, Young and Rubicam, Hill Holliday and Arnold Worldwide.

Denise is a seasoned trainer, speaker, executive coach and an expert in communication skills, customer service and management and leadership development. She has excellent insight into people’s strengths and opportunities for growth.