Creative Concepts
with Tris & Kat Gates
Mondays from 3/13-4/17 
Plus one-on-one sessions

This course is great for creatives looking to diversify their portfolio, clients and account people looking to get a better understanding of the creative process, as well as younger art directors, designers, and writers. Together, we’ll explore the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology by dissecting some of the best-in-class examples as well as concepting and developing our own.

About the Instructors

  • Tris Gates

    Global Creative Director & Digital Strategist
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  • Kat Gates

    Global Creative Director & Digital Strategist
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Identical twin sisters Tris and Kat Gates come from a family of artists and educators and have over 20 years in the advertising industry at both leading creative agencies and high-tech companies in the US, the UK and Europe. Their knowledge and experience spans from strategic development through execution across all digital platforms with innovative solutions. Including expertise in content creation and influencer marketing. They have led teams globally, winning numerous awards from Effies to Lions. Their passion is creative problem-solving that goes beyond making ads, to building ideas that matter to people and communities, driving measurable impact from brand affinity, performance metrics and engagement. In their free time, they build ideas for non-profit organizations, play music and produce digital content for multiple platforms with over 20,000 subscribers.