Presentation Skills
with Instructor: Mike Verret
November 9th

In your line of work, you are constantly presenting your plans, strategy, and creative ideas to your organization. Every interaction is an opportunity to convey your work in a positive light. However, the audience needs to hear it a certain way. And quite often that way is not the way you are thinking about it. You know every detail. They know very little. So how do you frame your presentation to ensure it will connect, direct and project the message for your audience?

This session will show you how to deliver your message the right way for YOU.

About the Instructor

  • Mike Verret

Mike Verret has more than 25 years of experience in advertising and marketing. After investing 13 years in the agency world, he joined Hasbro Toys and Games on the global marketing team. Mike developed marketing and retail programs for well-known brands such as Transformers, Tonka Trucks, Jurassic World, Monopoly, Battleship and Trivial Pursuit. In 2015, Mike became the face of the Hasbro Gaming franchise, where he traveled the globe with the charge to establish the personality, attitude and style of the portfolio, by creating messaging and presentations the gaming audience could not forget.

Mike left Hasbro in 2018 to pursue his own consulting practice called Verret and Associates to reach a wider audience. Mike has conducted presentation training for well-known companies such as ADP, DraftKings, Hasbro, Liberty Mutual, Melissa & Doug, Yankee Candle and more.