Bottom Line, a nonprofit focused on educational equity and launching students’ careers, has partnered with The Ad Club, the trade association for the New England marketing and communications industry, to create new scholarships and career pathways that will enrich and diversify the marketing talent pool. 

The Ad Club Scholarship Fund will provide $90,000 for college juniors and seniors in the Bottom Line College Success program. These Ad Club Scholars were selected during a competitive application process, have an interest in marketing and advertising, and will be the first in their families to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

"We are working to change the face of advertising in Boston and we are proud to partner with Bottom Line to begin that process by introducing first-generation college students to the opportunities available in our industry,” said Kathy Kiely, President of The Ad Club. “Our commitment to scholarships is one way The Ad Club is embracing the next generation and a diverse future workforce." 

The 2022 Ad Club Scholars are: Yoyo Chen from South End, now at UMass Lowell; Shonette Crossdale from Dorchester, now at Suffolk University; Lisa Xavier from Hyde Park, now at Northeastern University; Jett Tran Le from Malden, now at UMass Boston; Briana Mai from Chinatown, now at UMass Amherst; Bergeline Hilaire from Roxbury, now at Wesleyan College. In addition to scholarships, The Ad Club will leverage its members to provide internships, job shadowing, and entry points into careers at industry-leading brands, media companies, and advertising agencies. A shared commitment to economic justice and mobility is a cornerstone of the partnership with Bottom Line. 

“We will honor the investment The Ad Club is making in Bottom Line students and the community by continuing to push the boundaries of what college success really means,” said Steve Colon, CEO of Bottom Line. Adding, “The Ad Club Scholars are future professionals selected for their talent, who also have experiences and perspectives that the industry knows will improve its reach and content.” 

About Bottom Line: 

For nearly twenty-five years, Bottom Line has been fighting for educational equity by ensuring that the right to a quality college education is accessible to the many, not just the few. Our vision is to create a far-reaching ripple effect, launched by the transformative power of a college degree and a mobilizing first career. For degree-aspiring students from first-generation and low-income backgrounds, Bottom Line is a relentless ally who partners with them to get in, graduate, and go far. 

Media Contact: 
Dave Moniz 
Vice President of External Affairs, Bottom Line 
(617) 669-7875 

About The Ad Club: 

The Ad Club is the trade association for the New England marketing and communications industry. Focused on networking, education, professional development, advocacy, and diversity, The Ad Club presents over 30 events and programs every year. Legacy events like the Hatch Awards, Media Auction, and The Equity Project run side-by-side with the latest in new media and the digital landscape. The Ad Club’s membership represents the best in class advertising agencies, media companies, and brands in the New England region. If you are in marketing, creative, or media leadership, you belong here. For more information on The Ad Club visit Media Contact: Kathy Kiely 

President, The Ad Club 
(617) 413-1104