Ignite The Power 2024

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Speaker Videos

  • Kel Kelly
    Founder & President Humanity Rises and Founder Kel & Partners
  • Grisella Martinez
    Former Director of Legislative Affairs for Vice President Kamala Harris
  • Caitlin Murray
    Content Creator, @bigtimeadulting
  • Elle Purrier St. Pierre
  • Sonita Alizadeh
    Activist, Poet, Rapper
  • The Band of Sisters
    Featuring Lori, Katie, Angelique and Mitzi
  • Tara Healey
    Program Director, Mind The Moment, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Leah Thomas
    Founder, Intersectional Environmentalism


Women We Admire Awards

In conjunction with Women’s Leadership Forum, we’d like to recognize the top women you admire (as identified by you!) in our community and our industry.

These are women from all generations and walks of life who have inspired us and helped ignite the passion in us. They’ve led by example, doing good for you, for others, for the community, for the world. You admire them for THEIR actions big and small, using their voice, their passion, their energy to ignite others, to create impact.



Rosie’s Place

Our charitable partner

For the tens of thousands of women experiencing poverty or homelessness in Boston, basic feminine hygiene and care products are seen as a luxury. A cost they must often forgo in place of food or shelter. This drives inequity. And this inequity needs to end.

Many of us take for granted purchasing tampons, pads, underwear, shampoo, deodorant, bras, or toothpaste – items that seem small but hold great significance in how confident or dignified we feel as women.

This year, we asked attendees to join us in a Drive to collect Wishlist items for Rosie’s Place – a local multi-service community center that was also the first shelter for women in the U.S.

And our attendees rose to the challenge!
We received over 600 donated items along with hundreds of dollars in donated gift cards.


    • 8:30am
      Early Registration
    • 9:00am
      Pre-Conference New Balance Workout Sessions

      Pre-registration required

      • Spin Class

        Sponsored by New Balance

        This challenging, music-driven stationary cycling class utilizes various training techniques and motivational strategies to simulate actual riding experiences. Riders of all levels are welcome!
        This class is 45 minutes long and has 24 spots open.
        Location: NB Fitness

      • Yoga/Sculpt Studio Class

        Sponsored by New Balance

        A high energy yoga class consisting of vigorous vinyasa poses with an additional metabolic boost. Class incorporates the use of weights with traditional yoga poses and cardio bursts for maximum calorie burn.
        This class is 45 minutes long and has 24 spots open.
        Location: NB Fitness

      • Treadmill Class

        led by Olympian, Elle Purrier St. Pierre

        Run with Olympic athlete Elle Purrier St. Pierre. If you are a serious runner, register for this treadmill class.
        There are only 10 spaces. Names will be drawn by lottery on March 19
        Location: NB Fitness

    • 10:00am
      Pre-Conference Breakout Sessions

      Pre-registration required

      Registration opens for all Breakouts on March 7th

      • Women in Advertising | How Positive & Modern Gender Representation Helps Women

        Amanda Hegge - Senior Vice President, Emerging Products Marketing, Fidelity (Moderator)
        Bre Rossett - Chief Strategy Officer, Arnold + Havas Media Boston
        Liz Aviles - SVP, Strategy and Cultural Insights, AMP Agency
        More panelists to come

        There is a benefit to women when we show men as capable caregivers with equal responsibility in the home—it becomes a norm and not the exception to the rule. Similarly when we show all types of gender roles. There is benefit to women when we represent intersectionality in the media—it creates space for women to hone their own feminine identity. It also creates a real authenticity for brands.

      • Walk and Talk

        Sponsor John Hancock

        Wear your walking shoes and prepare to meet your mentor for an informal conversation while you take a few turns around the world class New Balance TRACK. Limited to 30. Sneakers required.

    • 11am
      General Registration
    • 11:30am
      Seated Lunch in The TRACK
    • 12:30pm
      Welcome Remarks

      Barb Reilly | President, The Ad Club

    • 12:40pm
      Elle Purrier St Pierre

      Olympic Athlete

    • 1:00pm
      Grisella Martinez

      Former Director of Legislative Affairs for Vice President Kamala Harris

    • 1:25pm
      Kel Kelly

      Founder & President Humanity Rises and Founder Kel & Partners

    • 1:45pm
      The Band of Sisters

      Founding Members: Angelique Belmer Krembs, Katie Lacey, Lori Tauber Marcus, Mitzi Short

    • 2:30pm
    • 3:00pm
      Mindfulness Moment with Tara Healey

      Director of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Mind the Moment Mindfulness Program

    • 3:10pm
      Caitlin Murray

      Content Creator, @bigtimeadulting

    • 3:30pm
      Leah Thomas

      Founder | Intersectional Environmentalism

    • 3:50pm
      Women We Admire

      Barb Reilly, President | The Ad Club

    • 4:00pm
      Sonita Alizadeh

      Activist, Poet, Rapper

    • 4:20pm
      Closing Remarks

      Barb Reilly, President | The Ad Club

    • 4:30pm
      Cocktail and Networking Reception
    • 5:30pm
      Event Concludes

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